What we stand for

Decades of experience. Shaping a sustainable future.

What we stand for


Safety first

We believe in zero-incident shipping and we take concrete steps to achieve that goal in both our inland and seagoing fleet. We have the in-house expertise to carry out BSCAT analysis and through the Platform Zero Incidents we exchange our insights with the rest of the shipping industry.

We implement robust, integrated HSSEQ management systems that have ongoing improvement built-in. Regular safety training is mandatory for every GEFO Ship’s crew member and we attend EPDCs at Malmö’s World Maritime University. Highly qualified GEFO experts actively contribute to leading industry programs such as the majors’ Safety Days.

We adhere to the highest safety standards of regulatory bodies and our clients, and are effectively surpassing these with internal GEFO guidelines and strategies. For example, our internal Port Of Safety initiative. By embedding safety as a value within each and every employee, it has become our first and foremost consideration when we get to work in the morning and the most important last task at the end of every shift.

We implement robust, integrated HSSEQ management systems that have been certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 and have ongoing improvement built-in.


We perform as a team

GEFO has a group structure and we perform best as a team. We proactively encourage effective collaboration – by supporting our co-workers. GEFO carefully adopts development programmes for its employees to nurture experienced crews on board. We treat our clients as partners. We take pride in your achievements as we do in our own. It goes without saying that we value personal performance and development. We take responsibility for our own actions and results, as well as those of all our team members – and expect our colleagues to do the same for us.


We listen to our clients

Your challenges are our challenges, your success is our success. This is why everyone at GEFO shares one goal: To provide our clients with the best possible and safest service. We strive for continuous improvement at every opportunity. By listening and acting on your insights, we devise value-added solutions – and continuously enhance the quality, reliability and flexibility of the service you receive.


We act with integrity

Hamburg was once part of a great trading alliance known as the Hanseatic League, whose merchants believed in a pledge: ‘My hand is my bond’. We still believe in the integrity enshrined in that pledge. We only make realistic promises, and we keep them. When we say something, we mean it; and we aim to do the right thing at all times. We apply the GEFO Code of Conduct and have safety embedded as a value. We take pride in having our viewpoint heard.

GEFO Goes Green


We work responsibly

GEFO rigorously adheres to HSSEQ standards, and we strive to exceed common industry standards. GEFO embraces safety as a value, as well as claiming safety as a priority. We take the health of our ecosystems as seriously as the wellbeing of our employees, in particular the marine environment. To this end, we constantly challenge our own way of working and invest in new technologies. Alternative fuels asscoiated with sustainability (Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, E-Fuels) and alternative propusion technologies are being developed and partially already available. We continue to reduce our environmental footprint by minimising energy consumption and preserving resources. We welcome annual assessment by the independent organisation Ecovadis. In 2021 GEFO achieves a silver-standard rating in the category Sea and Coastal Water Transport.

GEFO goes green

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